Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Preview: Spell #2 Inked Page

      Still working hard on issue two when time permits, I am hoping to release this book before summer begins. It has been hard being it is the busy season at work and my wife is expecting our first child or I should say children. Twins on the way so my time has been limited of late, I hope to have it out by early June and am really excited with the work I have put in so far. I am on the last push to finish up all pencil and inks and then onto colors and lettering. I will keep updating PsychoRelik as usual but updates may be scarce while I make the big push to the finish line.

Thank you,

Joseph W. Hottendorf Jr.
aka HOCK
PsychoRelik Studios

Spell is the property of PsychoRelik Studios 2012 all rights reserved and applicable copyright laws.

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