Tuesday, October 16, 2012

NYCC Photos

(R5-D4 is rolling over the red carpet)

     All photos provided by long friend and brother from another mother Javier (Pupet) Colon. Thanks for the help on coverage, well appreciated!!!

(Darth Maul Lego's)

(Maul Lego's)

(God of War)


(The Hobbit Lego's)

(Halo Mega Blocks)


(Capt. American & Wonder Women)

(Hulk Lego's)


(Predator at the SEGA booth)

(AvsP at the SEGA booth)

Saturday, October 13, 2012

New York Comic-Com 2012

      Another year at NYCC and I was not thrilled, I usually stay for a good 8 hours or longer in the past and just did not have it in me and did not feel after 3 hours that there was anything really for me to see or catch my fancy. First off the bat I noticed Hasbro and other attendees of last year, Hasbro is a big part of the show for me so they were sorely missed. I did also hear a few negative comments by both the Con goers and the Exhibitors. A big complaint was about Hasbro, Intel and other Exhibitors not showing up for this years con all the way to the cos play at this years con. I was not happy with Marvel or D.C. and there booths in the least. Again Marvel handed out free preview books and not complete issues, the run of the mill stuff you expect on Free Comic Book Day. I subscribe to the D.C. way of handing out complete issues of there properties to try and get new readership, It does work. Problem is D.C. was handing out books from The New 52 from last year, some titles which me and many goers already got last year. Also for every good costume there was about 100 plus bad ones, at least I walked away with some good pictures last year. Almost nothing was picture worthy except one I could not get of the Black Widow at the Marvel stage. Hopefully all this is fixed for next year, so enough complaining and let me present what I feel was noteworthy and actually made my trip worth it.

1. D. C. Comics actually had some boss sculpts I will show since I feel they really deserve the exposure because of the work put into them.

     All in all I would say these are some sweet pieces, I do not collect myself due to lack of space provided to me to store my comic related material but there are a few here I would love to get my slimy paws on. It also took the sting out of not being so happy with this years show.

2. Dead Man's Party

     A second year in a row I get to meet up with the artist of Dead Man's Party Scott Barnett and talk shop. It is much appreciated and will use what I took away. If any one has missed the reviews on the first two issues I will attach the links here and trust me when I say this is a great read.

Dead Man's Party Issue #1 Review

Dead Man's Party Issue #2 Review

3. G.I. Joe A Real American Hero (Larry Hama Style)

     So I did a very bad thing when I was younger, for some strange reason I traded away my Marvel Larry Hama G.I. Joe A Real American Hero! collection. Well I am paying for it now, I have been trying hard to reacquire all the books I got rid of most stupidly for I have no clue what I did get in return for them to this day. So every year I make it a must to stop by one of the comic dealer booths to get more Joe books to complete this collection. I am now on my way to needing less than 20% of the 155 books and this made the Con to me 100% worth it. I hope NYCC does a better job next year and there is always room for improvement. Hopefully I will have a table next year and hope all comes to visit and support me.

Wednesday, October 10, 2012

Review: Dead Man's Party #2

Dead Man's Party #2 Jeff Marsick Writer/Scott Barnett Art (2012)

    The cover of issue #1 has a recommendation from Duane (Birds of Prey, Cable) Swierczynski and it states. "Dead Man's Party is super smart, sardonic and packed with surprises. I can't wait for issue #2." This is an actual quote, I not only fully agree and endorse issue one but I do doubly for issue #2. I had to go back and read issue #1 and then #2 and did this yet again to see if I felt anywhere in the vicinity of Mr. Swierczynski quote. I must report I have not read a book I actually cared for this much with character development that surpasses some of the greats in the industry. I already have a black hole in my soul just knowing this is a 4 part series. I do not know if that leaves out a sequel, but that would be more than welcomed.

     So here is how the story goes on how I found out about this gem. It was at New York Comic Con last year and I was walking around enjoying myself, promoting Spell #1 and doing some work on my post on NYCC. I was almost on my last leg after being there for hours and on my way out and I get called over by Scott (artist) Barnett to the Dead Man's Party table. At first I must admit that I just wanted to walk on by and call it a day but Scott was very convincing. So I purchased the first issue of DMP and exchanged a few words with Scott and Jeff and then finally got to escape the chaos of NYCC for another year.

     I must admit it was not for at least a month that I was able to turn the pages of issue one since I was knee deep in work putting the finishing touches on Spell #1. When I did get to it I was very impressed and this book passed with flying colors, I was amazed at the work that was put into this book and it does not hurt to have a thumbs up from Duane Swierczynski. Yeah that never hurts.

Review: Dead Man's Party #1

     I thought it was proper to get this review out before NYCC starts tomorrow. In the last year me and Scott Barnett have become pals on Facebook and I truly appreciate all the input he has given me to help me further my skills.

     Now for Issue #2, outstanding, diverse and original to say the least. Once again Jeff Marsick dishes up a splendid story that will fill any comic fans empty belly with a 5 course meal and dessert to boot. The main character Ghost is an hired gun with the finesses that James Bond and Jason Borne wish they had. I have read a lot of books and I can recall reading anything in the league of DMP.

     Now for my forte, Scott Barnett's art works with this book like he was destined to do it. The action is fast paced and his work captures the essence of Ghost and surrounding cast. I really appreciate his work in black and white cause the detail really captures the eye. The shading shows the quality of his work and the time put into each and every panel and the covers for the first two issues are fabulous and inspiring to say the least.

     I must say I can not wait to catch up with these two and NYCC this weekend and I wish them the best on all there artistic adventures. We will just have to wait for further adventures of Ghost and issue #3 can not come fast enough.

Thursday, October 4, 2012

Spell #2 Update!!!

     Last page that I inked and coloring is well under way. Not so long from now the second issue will be a reality!!

Thank you,

Joseph W. Hottendorf Jr. aka Hock
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