Thursday, December 26, 2013

Comic Reviews for the Week of 12/24/13

Pick of the Week: Origin II #1 (Marvel Comics) Kieron Gillen Writer/Adam Kubert Art/Frank Martin Colors

     The artwork and story are sweet from cover to cover! Love the perspective of Wolverine in the wilderness and cant wait for next months issue to see where this chapter in Wolverines history is headed. Kubert impresses as always but more so in this first installment, the line art is beautiful and complimented well with Frank Martins coloring chores.

Runner-Up: Avengers #24 (Marvel Comics) Jonathan Hickman Writer/Esad Ribic, Salvador Larroca, Mike Deodato & Butch Guice Art

     The issue after the amazing Infinity tie-in throughout the Avengers line and the Marvel Universe does not fall short. Same quality writing and artwork and this issue is not only sure to keep the fan boys happy, but has future implications for the Avengers.

Also Hot: Forever Evil #4 (D.C. Comics), Justice League #26 (D.C. Comics)

Honorable Mention: Robotech/Voltron #1 Crossover (Dynamite Ent.) Big Robotech and Voltron fan and felt maybe this would of been a little better if Dynamite started with the on-going Robotech series before jumping into the cross over event. Only time will tell if that series will keep me faithfully following. All in all the art was pretty good and the story peaked my interest.

Not So Hot: Ditto...First off it's Christmas and there was no titles that made the naughty list anyway.

Wednesday, December 25, 2013

Merry Christmas & Happy Holidays from PsychoRelik Studios! Part 3

Spell #1 conclusion...Merry Christmas & Happy New Year! Click on all pages to enlarge, Enjoy!!!

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Page 14 This prediction was very late, Spell #2 end of the 1st Quarter of 2014

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Tuesday, December 24, 2013

Merry Christmas & Happy Holidays from PsychoRelik Studios! Part 2

Spell #1 Continues...

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Click on all pages to enlarge, Spell #1 concludes tomorrow 12/25/13

Monday, December 23, 2013

Merry Christmas & Happy Holidays from PsychoRelik Studios!

     First off Merry Christmas, Happy New Years and Happy Holidays. Now that that is out of the way lets get down to business. Many have been wondering about a release date for Spell #2, It will be the first quarter of 2014. I am beginning production on Spell #3 in the form of plotting and penciling in a hour or so. I actually used my last two vacation days to dedicate all of Thursday and Friday to get as many pages plotted as I can possible do.

1. Spell #2 - End of the 1st quarter of 2014, when I get closer to release I will announce a date and not before. Spell #2 has been done and in the can for almost 10 months now, most may ask why? Well I did not like the gap between the 1st issue and the time it took to produce the 2nd issue, also for those that do not know I have twin 19 month baby girls and a full time day job. This makes it hard to produce a book just with the job, you add the kids and family it almost came to a halt for good. I even questioned if I would ever be able to produce on a level and time frame that would make me happy and at this time the answer is yes!

2. Spell #3 - The third installment will be released in the late 3rd quarter/early 4th quarter of 2014. Wish me luck on this, I would love to release this book to coincide with 2014's New York Comic Con. But only time will tell!

3. For the time being the comic reviews will continue, if at anytime I feel this gets in the way of my work I will dump the reviews and cut my comic intake to get the books out in a timely fashion

4. So Spell #1 in my opinion was a success, I ordered 160 copies and only have 4 copies left and a few copies sold online. I actually made more money then I put into the book in way of supplies and printing cost. The amount of time I put in was not covered, but all in all I enjoy doing this and you never know. So I would love if more people come out and order the 1st issue from Indy Planet Spell #1 Link to purchase or contact me for a copy at

     To celebrate the holiday season I will be posting Spell #1 in its entirety through the next 3 days, hope you enjoy and please support Spell, PsychoRelik Studios and independent comics. Click on each page to get a full page view.

Joseph Hottendorf Jr.
A.K.A. Hock
PsychoRelik Studios


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To be continued tomorrow 12/24/13 and concluded on 12/25/13

Sunday, December 22, 2013

Comic Reviews for the Week of 12/18/13

Top Pick of the Week: Saga Chapter #17 (Image Comics) Brian K. Vaughan Writer/Fiona Staples

     One of the top independent books two years running, thought provocative science fiction at its all time best! Vaughan & Staples puts together a book they can be proud of, this is definitely the princess of the ball!

Runner-Up: Star Trek #28 (IDW Publishing) Mike Johnson Writer/Refan Orci Art

     Where Marvel failed and D.C. just missed the mark, IDW hits one out of this galaxy with Star Trek. This will keep me satisfied till the next movie or (keeping my fingers crossed) a new T.V. series.

Also Hot: Star Wars Dawn of the Jedi: Force War #2 (Dark Horse Comics), Redhood and the Outlaws #26 (D.C. Comics), All New X-Men #20 (Marvel Comics), The Transformers Regeneration One #97 (IDW Publishing), Bloodshot and H.A.R.D. Corps #17 (Valiant Ent.), Eternal Warrior #4 (Valiant Ent.), X-O Manowar #20 (Valiant Ent.)

Honorable Mention: Star Wars Legacy II #10 (Dark Horse Comics), Star Wars Dark Times: A Spark Remains #5 (Dark Horse Comics), X-Men #8 (Marvel Comics), G.I. Joe The Cobra Files #9 (IDW Publishing), The Transformers Robots in Disguise #25 Dark Cybertron Chapter 5 (IDW Publishing)

Not So Hot: Star Wars: Darth Vader and the Cry of Shadows #1 ark Horse Comics), Uncanny X-Force #15 (Marvel Comics)

Sunday, December 15, 2013

Comic Reviews for the Week of 12/11/13

Pick of the Week: Star Wars #12 (Dark Horse Comics) Brian Wood Writer/Carlos D'Anda Art/Hugh Fleming Cover

     Dark Horse has held the Star Wars comic license for what seems like ages, so when they re-launched Star Wars with the original cast 12 months back I was thrilled just for the original cast to be back in print with new adventures. Brian (DMZ, The Massive) Wood is at the top of his game, writing a continuing story set in between after the battle of Yavin and Empire Strikes Back. It is in my opinion that this is one of the best time periods in the Star Wars mythos. Accompanying Wood's writing is Carlos (Deathblow, Batman Arkham City) D'Anda stylish artwork that fits so good with this book. He captures the whole Star Wars universe like so many could not, he joins the ranks of Archie Goodwin, Cam Kennedy, Jan Duursema & Dave Dorman.

Runner-Up: Unity #2 (Valiant Ent.) Matt (MIND MGT) Kindt Writer/Doug (Judge Dread) Braithwaite

     The original Unity published during Valiant's first go around in the industry is a classic, well the new Unity is becoming a classic already. Great writing and art work keep this action packed storyline going strong.

 Also Hot: Nova #11 (Marvel Comics), Batman #26 (D.C. Comics), Green Lantern Corps #26 (D.C. Comics), Cataclysm Ultimate Comics Spider-Man #2 (Marvel Comics), Uncanny X-Men #15 Inhumanity tie-in (Marvel Comics), Battlestar Galactica: Starbuck #2 (Dynamite Ent.), G.I. Joe Special Missions #10 (IDW Publishing),

Honorable Mention: Justice League #25 Forever Evil tie-in (D.C. Comics), Justice League of America #10 Forever Evil tie-in (D.C. Comics), Cable & X-Force #17 (Marvel Comics), Wolverine and the X-Men #39 (Marvel Comics), G.I. Joe #11 (IDW Publishing), Star Trek: Strange New Worlds Annual (IDW Publishing), Archer & Armstrong #16 (Valiant Ent.), Harbinger #19 (Valiant Ent.)

Not So Much: Great week...Everyone wins, no real stinkers!

Thursday, December 12, 2013

Comic Reviews for the Week of 12/4/13

Pick of the Week: Earth 2 #18 (D.C. Comics) Tom Taylor Writer/Nicola Scott Pencils/Trevor Scott Inks

     This book is by far the greatest of all the books published on a monthly basis from D.C. Comics. The fact that this book is not part of the same New 52 universes timeline that almost all of the publishers books follows makes it a winner with no other titles getting its back. The creative team is top notch and leave you craving more after every cliff hanger.

Runner-Up: Elephantmen #52 (Image Comics) Richard Starkings Writer/Axel Medellin Art

     This book is by far one of my favorites month after month. It is action packed science fiction at its all time best. The writing is imaginative and the art is on par with or even better then the two major publishers. Pick this up to escape this world and enter a whole new world of discovery and intrigue!

Also Hot: Guardians of the Galaxy #9 Infinity tie-in (Marvel Comics), Star Trek Khan #3 (IDW Publishing), The Transformers More Than Meets the Eye #24 Dark Cybertron Chapter 4 (IDW Publishing)

Honorable Mention: Green Lantern #26 (D.C. Comics), Batman Superman #6 (D.C. Comics), Batman Detective Comics #26 (D.C. Comics), Amazing X-Men #2 (Marvel Comics), Inhumanity #1 (Marvel Comics),  Spawn #238 (Image Comics), Battlestar Galactica #6 (Dynamite Ent.), G.I. Joe A Real American Hero! #197 (IDW Publishing)

Hot So Much: The Star Wars #4 (Dark Horse Comics), Carbon Grey #1 Vol. 3 (Image Comics)

Sunday, December 1, 2013

Comic Reviews for the Week of 11/27/13

Pick of the Week: Infinity #6 of 6 (Marvel Comics) Jonathan Hickman Writer/Jim Cheung & Dustin Weaver Pencils/Adam Kubert Cover

     Just like this epic story started, it also ended with a bang. One of the best major events I have read in a long time from any publisher on the market today. This had it all and then some, Sci-Fi and Super Hero fans must get this 6 issue mini-series. You can enjoy these 6 issues without picking up any of the tie-in titles and still get the whole story.

Runner-Up: Star Trek #27 Khitomer Conflict part 3 of 4 (IDW Publishing) Mike Johnson Writer/Erfan Fajar Art

     Star Trek fan or not...this is a book you should be reading. The story and art have consistently been superb, IDW unlike Marvel & D.C. knows how to do a Trek book!!!

Also Hot: Saga #16 (Image Comics), Avengers Assemble #21 Inhumanity tie-in (Marvel Comics)

Honorable Mention: Star Wars Legacy II #9 (Dark Horse Comics), Aquaman #25 (D.C. Comics), Superman #25 (D.C. Comics), Nova #10 a.k.a. #100 (Marvel Comics), All-New X-Men #19 (Marvel Comics), Aphrodite IX #6 (Top Cow/Image), G.I. Joe Special Missions #9 (IDW Publishing), The Transformers Robots in Disguise #23 Dark Cybertron Chapter 3 (IDW Publishing), The Transformers Regeneration One #96 (IDW Publishing)

Not So Much: New Avengers #12 Infinity tie-in (Marvel Comics), Superior Carnage #5 (Marvel Comics), Wolverine and the X-Men #38 (Marvel Comics), Wolverine and the X-Men Annual #1 Infinity tie-in (Marvel Comics), Uncanny X-Force #14 (Marvel Comics), Morning Glories #35 (Image Comics)

As you can see this was not one of those weeks with much shining examples of good work, maybe next week will be a brighter week!