Friday, November 22, 2013

Comic Reviews for the Week of 11/20/13

Pick of the Week: Uncanny X-Men #14 (Marvel Comics) Brian Michael Bendis Writer/Chris Bachalo Pencils/Tim Townsend Inks

     After so many volumes of Uncanny X-Men I am almost over one of the greatest series ever published. I wish Marvel would make up for there transgressions by going back to the original count on volume one of this book. Then came this issue and those feelings almost fade away into an abyss, almost!!! No really, this was one great Uncanny issue, It was well written and as always Bachalo and Townsend scribble some great pages. Let me sum it up like this, fast paced, sexy, creative and light hearted in the only fashion a the milestone mutant book should be.

Runer-Up: Superman Wonder Women #2 (D.C. Comics) Charles Soule Writer/Tony Daniels Pencils/Batt Inks

     This was one of those books that is still not on my pull list, I was not sure if I wanted another team up book in my pile. Still not sure if I want to add it, but I must say the first two issues have been fun and a hell of a ride. I will let everyone know what the verdict is next month!

Also Hot: Avengers #23 Infinity tie-in (Marvel Comics), Cable and X-Force #16 (Marvel Comics), Cataclysm Ultimate Comics Spider-Man #1 (Marvel Comics), Battlestar Galactica Starbuck #1 (Dynamite Ent.), The Transformers More Thank Meets The Eye #23 Dark Cybertron Chapter 2 (IDW Publishing), Bloodshot and H.A.R.D. Corps #16 (Valiant Ent.), X-O Manowar #19 Unity tie-in (Valiant Ent.)

Honorable Mention: Star Wars Dawn of the Jedi: Force War #1 (Dark Horse Comics), X-Men #7 (Marvel Comics), Eternal Warrior #3 (Valiant Ent.)

Not So Much: Red Hood and the Outlaws #25 Zero Year tie-in (D.C. Comics) This book has totally veered off course, we need Lobdell and Rocaforth back!!!

Tuesday, November 19, 2013

Comic Reviews for the Week of 11/13/13

Pick of the Week: Savage Wolverine #11 (Marvel Comics) Writer & Artist Jock

     One of my favorite solo Wolverine stories in a very long time. I was never the biggest fan of Jock, but now I have to go back and check out some of his former work. This 3 issue story will make any X-Men/Wolverine/Mutant fan happy as a pig in month. It also has the right mix and flare of Science Fiction Fantasy to get the juices and imagination going. Must get for any fan of the genre's!!!

Runer-Up: Unity #1 (Valiant Comics) Matt Kindt Writer/Doug Braithwaite Art

     In 1992 Valiant was all the rage and I was knee deep in collecting there books. Back in the 90's, comics were all the rage and had a resurgence in print. Valiant came with a different vision on how comics were produced and a whole new take on heroes. Unity was there first major cross over event and the revamped Unity for the new generation does not fall short of the original. I almost feel this first issue of Unity is better then the original series. This coming right after the Harbinger Wars crossover which was splendid, Unity follows up hardcore with amazing words and art.

Also Hot: Star Wars #11 (Dark Horse Comics), Batman #25 Zero Year (D.C. Comics), All- New X-Men #18 (Marvel Comics), Star Trek Khan #2 (IDW Publishing)

Honorable Mention: Green Lantern Corps #25 (Marvel Comics), Battlestar Galactica #5 (Dynamite Ent.), G.I. Joe #10 (IDW Publishing), G.I. Joe A Real American Hero! #196 (IDW Publishing), Archer & Armstrong #15 (Valiant Ent.), Harbinger #18 (Valiant Ent.)

Not So Much: Justice League of America #9 Forever Evil (D.C. Comics), X-Men Gold #1 (Marvel Comics)

Sunday, November 10, 2013

Comic Reviews for the Week of 11/6/13

Pick of the Week: Earth 2 #17 (D.C. Comics) Tom Taylor Writer/Nicola Scott Pencils/Trevor Scott Inks

     So all in all it was a pretty damn good week and a bang for your buck. So Earth 2 has had the top honors in the past and has been a great read since the first issue, all I have heard through chatter was will the story remain and good with a new writer on board??? Well Tom Taylor carries over and continues what I believe is one of D.C.'s best titles and does a outstanding job. I was not only hppy with this issue, I can not wait for the next one. Thirty or so days seems like such a long way off. Scoot and Scott perform brilliantly as they have in the past on this book with great art.

Runner-Up: Batman Superman #5 (D.C. Comics) Greg Pak Writer/Brett Booth Pencils/Norm Rapmund Inks

     So D.C. has captured the top two books this week after Marvel has had a good run. Was I worried for a second when I knew Brett Booth was filling in to give Jae Lee a break to start the next story arc? No not at all. I have been following Booth and Rapmund since there Image days, I would kill for a Booth and Rapmund Backlach re-launch over at D.C.. Greg Pak, what to say, Marvel and D.C. it does not matter. He always serves up stories to get the reader involved and keep reading. Great talent on this book all around!

Also Hot: The Star Wars #3 (Dark Horse Comics), Batman Detective Comics #25 Zero Year (D.C. Comics), Forever Evil #3 (D.C. Comics), Green Lantern #25 (D.C. Comics), Amazing X-Men #1 (Marvel Comics), Spawn #237 (Image Comics)

Honorable Mention:Superman Unchained #4 (D.C. Comics), Cyber Force #7 (Image/Top Cow), Morning Glories #34 (Image Comics), G.I. Joe The Cobra Files #8 (IDW Publishing), The Transformers Dark Cybertron #1 (IDW Publishing), Shadowman #12 (Valiant Ent.)

Not So Much: Iron Man #18 (Marvel Comics), Mighty Avengers #3 (Marvel Comics) - PASS!

Sunday, November 3, 2013

Comic Reviews for the Week of 10/30/13

Pick of the Week: Infinity #5 of 6 (Marvel Comics) Jonathan Hickman Writer/Jerome Opena & Dustin Weaver Art/Adam Kubert Cover/In-Hyuk Lee Variant Cover

     Marvel keeps on going strong with the fantastic Marvel Universe meets the Marvel Cosmic Universe no hold barred event. This is turning out to be on of my favorite Marvel event on way over a decade, even better than Civil War and Avengers vs. X-Men. Even the tie-in's to this event are tightly spun stories that relate to the main storyline and do not go off course. The art and story on all the Infinity books has been outstanding, all events should be this good.

Runner-Up: Avengers #22 (Marvel Comics) Jonathan Hickman Writer/Leinil Francis Yu Pencils

     Hickman follows right off of Infinity with Avengers #22, while as always Yu's line art is spectacular. Another Infinity gem, that was almost taken by this weeks Guardians of the Galaxy Infinity tie-in.

Also Hot: Star Wars Dark Times: #4 A Spark Remains Pt. 4 (Dark Horse Comics), Guardians of the Galaxy #8 (Marvel Comics), Saga #15 (Image Comics), Star Trek Khan #1 (IDW Publishing)

Honorable Mention: Superman Action Comics Annual #2 (D.C. Comics), Green Lantern Annual #2 Lights Out Pt. 5 (D.C. Comics), Uncanny X-Force #13 (Marvel Comics), X-Men Battle of the Atom #2 Chapter 10 (Marvel Comics), G.I. Joe #9 (IDW Publishing), The Transformers Robots in Disguise #22 Dark Cybertron Prelude (IDW Publishing)

Not So Much: Aquaman Annual #2 (D.C. Comics) Not too long ago I felt this was one of the better New 52 books, of late not so much. Hoping for a rebound and soon!