Saturday, February 18, 2012

Another inked page of Spell #2

     Another day, another page. I must admit I am not getting this issue done as fast as the first, the truth of the matter is issue one was out within three months from start to finish and really took a lot out of me. Two weeks of that time was shipping. I already have gauged that the art is already of a better quality from issue one and the colors should be even better now that I have acquired a drawing tablet. I was shooting for a late March release and I do not think I can meet that deadline without losing quality to this issue. I think sometime in April would be a more accurate target date. Can not wait to present the completed issue in all it's glory. I must vent and say I was able to put out a book, but I look over it and I know I could do so much more. This is the main reason for the delay. After purchasing other independent books and seeing how long the time between each issue shows me the extra time gives the artist the luxury of putting out the best product they are capable of producing. I rather a later release date then a book I am not fully thrilled about releasing. I wouldn't still be doing this after two years if it was not for the overwhelming support. I only did 150 copies of issue one of Spell and I was able to do more than break even, I actually made profit to put away for printing costs of the second issue. I must thank each and everyone who supports PsychoRelik Studios and myself. I would also like anyone that is a comic book artist contact me if they want to do a collaboration or just want to do a pin-up for next issue. I can not pay much, I can definitely give you a few copies of books. Plus it is always good to get the exposure, My site gets over 100 plus hits a day on a slow day and has gone over 300 hits on a good day. Contact me at would love to work with other artist that love this medium as much as me:

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Joseph "Hock" Hottendorf Jr.
PsychoRelik Studios

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