Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Spell #2 Inks cont. and new shipment of books has arrived

     Working hard on Spell # 2, just wish I had a lot more time in the day to get it out faster. But in the end I know for a fact that issue #2 will be better in every way from the pencils, inks, color and color separation. The story will also be more involved with a lot more interaction between a growing cast. I am hoping to have a release date with in a month or so but as of now I do not want to give a launch date.

    Just got a new shipment of independent books (look below) I will start reviews sometime within the next week or so.  A nice batch of books, this is the reason I have always loved the creations by independent artists and writers.

Support Independent Comics...Enjoy!

Joseph "Hock" Hottendorf Jr.
PsychoRelik Studios

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