Sunday, September 29, 2013

Comic Reviews for the Week of 9/25/13

Pick of the Week: Jupiter's Legacy #3 (Image Comics) Mike Millar Writer/Frank Quitely Art

     What a breath of fresh air in the super hero genre! No really...80% of the books produced by Marvel and D.C. that fit this stereo type feel re-hashed and yet done over and over again.  I am happy to report the D.C. Comics bombardment of 3-D covers is over, I promise your wallets will feel heavier this month. This is a book for you longtime comic book enthusiasts that want something hardcore and full throttle. If you are familiar with Millar's creations and writing you know it is not for the feint of hear. He does not let done with Jupiter's Legacy, he pushes the limits even more to the breaking point. What can I say about Quitely's art other then it is a supreme master piece, the amount of detail paid to every single eye lifting panel is exemplary. If you have not picked up this issue or book in general get of your ass and get over to your nearest store and pick it up, you will not be disappointed in the least.

Runner-Up: Guardians of the Galaxy #6 (Marvel Comics) Brian Michael Bendis Writer/Sara Pichelli & Olivier Coipel Art/Neil Gaiman Consultant

     Six issues in a Guardians is looking like a real winner. Even though the cover does not say this is a tie in to Infinity, it sure is. The team has not changed much from the last incarnation on GotG with the exception of Tony (Iron-Man) Stark and now Angela (formerly from Image's Spawn). I have heard a few people groan about Angela joining the Marvel universe and I can say I do not have a problem with this move what so ever. Matter of a fact I am excited about Angela not only joining the Marvel universe but more importantly the GotG. I do not thin I can recall when a hero or villain has jumped from a company under the circumstances. Great book all around, happy to have great Marvel Cosmic material.

 Also Hot: Aquaman/Ocean Master #23.2 (D.C. Comics), Batman - Super Man/Doomsday #3.1 (D.C. Comics), Justice League of America/Black Adam #7.4 (D.C. Comics), Justice League/Secret Society #23.4 (D.C. Comics), Superman /Parasite #23.4, Avengers #20 Infinity tie-in (Marvel Comics), Nova #8 Infinity tie-in (Marvel Comics), Saga #14 (Image Comics), G.I. Joe #8 (IDW Publishing), Star Trek #25 (IDW Publishing)

Honorable Mention: Star Wars Legacy #7 (Dark Horse Comics), Batman Detective Comics/Man-Bat #23.4 (D.C. Comics), Green Lantern/Sinestro #23.4 (D.C. Comics), Wolverine and the X-Men #36 Battle of the Atom chapter 5 (Marvel Comics), Artifacts #31 (Image Comics), Battlestar Galactica #4 (Dynamite Ent.), Transformers: More Than Meets the Eyes #21 (IDW Publishing)

Not So Much: Batman/Bane #23.4 (D.C. Comics), Avengers Assemble #19 Infinity tie -in (Marvel Comics), G.I. Joe Special Missions #7 (IDW Publishing)

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