Sunday, November 3, 2013

Comic Reviews for the Week of 10/30/13

Pick of the Week: Infinity #5 of 6 (Marvel Comics) Jonathan Hickman Writer/Jerome Opena & Dustin Weaver Art/Adam Kubert Cover/In-Hyuk Lee Variant Cover

     Marvel keeps on going strong with the fantastic Marvel Universe meets the Marvel Cosmic Universe no hold barred event. This is turning out to be on of my favorite Marvel event on way over a decade, even better than Civil War and Avengers vs. X-Men. Even the tie-in's to this event are tightly spun stories that relate to the main storyline and do not go off course. The art and story on all the Infinity books has been outstanding, all events should be this good.

Runner-Up: Avengers #22 (Marvel Comics) Jonathan Hickman Writer/Leinil Francis Yu Pencils

     Hickman follows right off of Infinity with Avengers #22, while as always Yu's line art is spectacular. Another Infinity gem, that was almost taken by this weeks Guardians of the Galaxy Infinity tie-in.

Also Hot: Star Wars Dark Times: #4 A Spark Remains Pt. 4 (Dark Horse Comics), Guardians of the Galaxy #8 (Marvel Comics), Saga #15 (Image Comics), Star Trek Khan #1 (IDW Publishing)

Honorable Mention: Superman Action Comics Annual #2 (D.C. Comics), Green Lantern Annual #2 Lights Out Pt. 5 (D.C. Comics), Uncanny X-Force #13 (Marvel Comics), X-Men Battle of the Atom #2 Chapter 10 (Marvel Comics), G.I. Joe #9 (IDW Publishing), The Transformers Robots in Disguise #22 Dark Cybertron Prelude (IDW Publishing)

Not So Much: Aquaman Annual #2 (D.C. Comics) Not too long ago I felt this was one of the better New 52 books, of late not so much. Hoping for a rebound and soon!

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