Sunday, December 1, 2013

Comic Reviews for the Week of 11/27/13

Pick of the Week: Infinity #6 of 6 (Marvel Comics) Jonathan Hickman Writer/Jim Cheung & Dustin Weaver Pencils/Adam Kubert Cover

     Just like this epic story started, it also ended with a bang. One of the best major events I have read in a long time from any publisher on the market today. This had it all and then some, Sci-Fi and Super Hero fans must get this 6 issue mini-series. You can enjoy these 6 issues without picking up any of the tie-in titles and still get the whole story.

Runner-Up: Star Trek #27 Khitomer Conflict part 3 of 4 (IDW Publishing) Mike Johnson Writer/Erfan Fajar Art

     Star Trek fan or not...this is a book you should be reading. The story and art have consistently been superb, IDW unlike Marvel & D.C. knows how to do a Trek book!!!

Also Hot: Saga #16 (Image Comics), Avengers Assemble #21 Inhumanity tie-in (Marvel Comics)

Honorable Mention: Star Wars Legacy II #9 (Dark Horse Comics), Aquaman #25 (D.C. Comics), Superman #25 (D.C. Comics), Nova #10 a.k.a. #100 (Marvel Comics), All-New X-Men #19 (Marvel Comics), Aphrodite IX #6 (Top Cow/Image), G.I. Joe Special Missions #9 (IDW Publishing), The Transformers Robots in Disguise #23 Dark Cybertron Chapter 3 (IDW Publishing), The Transformers Regeneration One #96 (IDW Publishing)

Not So Much: New Avengers #12 Infinity tie-in (Marvel Comics), Superior Carnage #5 (Marvel Comics), Wolverine and the X-Men #38 (Marvel Comics), Wolverine and the X-Men Annual #1 Infinity tie-in (Marvel Comics), Uncanny X-Force #14 (Marvel Comics), Morning Glories #35 (Image Comics)

As you can see this was not one of those weeks with much shining examples of good work, maybe next week will be a brighter week!

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