Sunday, January 19, 2014

Comic Reviews for the Week of 1/8/14

Pick of the Week: Earth 2 #19 (D.C. Comics) Tom Taylor Writer/Nicola Scott & Robson Rocha Pencils/Trevor Scott & Oclair Albert Inks

     Not much to say other then month after month this is hands down one of D.C. Comics best titles on the rack. Refreshing, Amazing and startling creators, art and story all wrapped into one title.

Runner-Up: All-New X-Factor #1 (Marvel Comics) Peter David Writer/Carmine Di Giandomenico Art

     Another unnecessary Marvel reboot can not keep the already incumbent X-Factor writer off the runner-up honors. Somewhat different team and good art hold up to David's scribe. I enjoyed this reboot even though they should of just continued as in the old days from what ever issue the book was up to with the headline "All New" or "New Team" or "Jumping On Point". Marvel has got to stop being the money hungry entity that they are, I have cut many Marvel books of late and may just continue on that rout. Good job Disney!!!!

Also Hot: Star Wars #13 (Dark Horse Comics), Green Lantern #27 (D.C. Comics), Spawn #239 (Image Comics)

Honorable Mention: Batman Superman #7 (D.C. Comics), Batman Detective Comics #27 (D.C. Comics), Cable and X-Force #18 (Marvel Comics), Cataclysm Ultimate Comics Spider-Man #3 (Marvel Comics), Aphrodite IX #7 (Top Cow/Image Comics), Elephantmen #53 (Image Comics), Morning Glories #36 (Image Comics), G.I. Joe vs. Cobra #6 (FP Comics), Star Trek Khan #4 (IDW Publishing), Bloodshot and H.A.R. D. Corps #18 (Valiant Ent.)

Not So Hot: Transformers Timelines #8 (FP Comics) MEH!!!!

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